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4 seasons hunt 3D - 1.4.0

Next version, we are new card to bring games, so you have more challenges and fun.

Last version: 4 seasons hunt 3D is now nVidia shield improves! For more information, please visit http://shield.nvidia.com-Website. Have fun with the new controller.

MOGA everywhere
4 seasons is now improved MOGA hunt 3D! When major retailers available, carrier stores or online at http://www.MOGAanywhere.com

Get ready, pray to hunt to explore massive open worlds to you. Your gun to load and prepare for the ultimate hunting experience with realistic 3D graphics. An addictive first person shooter (FPS) game
2 unique game modes survive and time attack to play and hunt in different cards. Be the ultimate hunters in each map. Hunting, survival and skins for services or balls to collect trade!
Use your firepower, to kill every animal on your way.Hunt in different environments from one bank to the Grand Canyon, deep forest and high mountains. New animals are added frequently!
• Realistic 3D graphics
• To explore 6 massive open worlds and hunt
• 2 modes for selection, survival mode and time attack
• Skins to collect and sell them for ammunition
• Use of special forces in the survival mode help you pray that Chase
• Hunting deer, Wildboard, rabbit, bison, pork and Red Fox
Web site: http://www.4seasonshunt.com
Like us at the https://www.facebook.com/4SeasonsHunt

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