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XLSTAT 2014.3

XLSTAT is a great Excel tool that includes a wide range of functions that will prove useful while performing statistical analysis tasks.

XLSTAT comes with different modules designed to suit your data analysis needs. XLSTAT features range form 3D visualization,  Attribute Charts and Biserial correlation to Variable transformations or Univariate Clustering.

Brings more power for market research and customer insights:XLSTAT version 2014.3 adds major features for market research with:The Max-Diff analysis technique in XLSTAT-Conjoint.The GSCA method (Generalized Structured Component Analysis) added to the XLSTAT-PLSPM module.The new Association rules feature, capable of analyzing gigabites of data within Excel or from flat files, is a key functionality for market basket analysis. It has also several medical applications.XLSTAT-Time has also been enriched with a function to test series for stationarity and unit roots.

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