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The Legend of Zeldar - 1.2

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A young adventurer wakes up to a new quest!

Save the kingdom and rescue the Princess Elda from the clutches of the Evil Wizard Zeldar!

Can you make it through the adventure and save the day?

Check out The Legend of Zeldar!


This game is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Zelda or related names or companies.

This game was created by an individual game developer and is still in development!

Remember to report all bugs to help with future development!

Thank you for supporting the individual game developer with your download!
Special thanks to These Open Sources:

Player Character from willymax.0 at blendswap
Character's Axed from OOLE at at blendswap
Tree from xuroiux at blendswap
Song "Tumbling Leaves" by Black Coyote
Items Plants and Buildings from WorldForge

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