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Snap Attack for Windows 8.1

Snap Attack is a fast-paced game where you will get the chance to compete against your friends as well as players from all over the world in short two and a half minutes word building sessions.

A challenging word building tournament

The fun thing about Snap Attack is that you will never play alone and each game gives you and countless other players the chance to prove your word building skills.

All the action happens in real time and all the other players will use exactly the same letters, on the same board, with the same timer, making this a challenge that it would be hard to let go even after playing a few rounds.

Another great aspect is that every game is quite short and you will have only two and a half minutes to come up with your best letter combinations that might boost your position on the global leaderboards.

Build multi-word snaps to earn lots of points

Each round of Snap Attack follows the same rules: you get seven movable letter tiles that you will need to connect with the fixed black tiles and form valid words.

To score more points, you will have to use the bonus tiles on each board, which will multiply the value of your words by the number showed in each square.

Even more, linking multiple words in a single block will create a multi-snap that will award you with even more points, which can boost your current position on the leaderboards.

An addictive scrabble-like experience

Snap Attack can become really addictive mostly due to its short game sessions and constantly changing leaderboard. In addition to that, the game can also help you improve your vocabulary and learn new words as you play.

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