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Red the Red Hawk escape - 1.2

The evil Dr.Z had invaded the peaceful land. In a country where no people exists, the Dr.Z is a creature/alien. No one knows who is exactly Dr.Z, some say that he teleported from another world, some say a mad scientist, he is the reincarnation of the famous 90s evil scientists, but who is Dr.Z, there's only trouble wherever he goes.
If the evil Dr.Z of air green Emerald of dead the tortoise, he builds the great and indestructible Z cannon and aims, the fire Ruby red. Red Hawk was a surprising hit. Dead were not in time to warn the turtle red come.
Unprepared, red decides to escape and life to fight further. The question is now, can escape alive with big Z-gun to track red in red?

-Tippen on the wings flutter
-Berühren hold drag, glide, forward and backward

-Escape incoming Z cannon balls
Flying as far as you from the big Z Cannon can


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