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Muffin Quest for Windows 8

Muffin Quest takes you on a sweet ride through a world of pastries where the evil Gingerbread Man has developed a dastardly scheme to become the one and only ruler of the realm.

A world filled with lots of sweets

Muffin World is a place made entirely out of all kind of sweet pastries but, one day, the evil Gingerbread Man decided that he should be the only what that controls everything in this amazing fantasy world.

To stop him you will have to defeat his minions until you get close enough to get rid of this ruthless evildoer once and for all. For that you'll need to use all your puzzle solving skills to match three or more pastries of the same type in order to score points and advance through the levels.

Instead of the classic tile swapping mechanic, in Muffin Quest you will need to slide entire rows and columns to match the sweets and clear them from the game board.

Gather power-ups and destroy obstacles

While the very first levels are quite easy to beat, later on you will have to think your moves in advance in order to create various power-ups that will dispose of the tiles quicker.

For example, matching five similar tiles will create fire that when match with any other two tiles will remove all similar sweets from the play area.

There are various power-ups to discover but, to make things a bit harder, later levels will also introduce various obstacles that will require a specific approach.

A relaxing match three adventure

Muffin Quest doesn't really bring any novelties to this highly popular genre but, manages to create a relaxing atmosphere thanks to its colorful theme and sweet soundtrack which makes it perfect for a few quick game sessions.

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