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Minion jump - 2

Minion jump is a simple game for lovers of the minion. Game comes with music and audio features. Players can pause play during the game. The game saves the top 10 Leaderboard on the user's device hinzuzuf├╝gen.der built-in accelerometer is used to determine, tilt and move the minion.
Pause function - player can pause play during the game.
Top 10 Leaderboard - the game saves the 10 high scores on the user's device.
Accelerometer - that is built-in accelerometer device uses to detect tilt and move the minion.
Calibrate function - this allows the user to calibrate the flat position according to your device.
Music and sound - come play with music and audio features. Players can choose to turn off all sound effects or music.
Facebook share - please with patience I have some problems, but the implementation will be in the next update.
3 power-ups rocket, twin rocket balloon
Various bars/platforms - mobile platforms, fragile platforms and normal Green platforms.

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