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Metarminator 0.2.18

iTunes is able to display metadata information for each track, but not all tracks included in your music library have comprehensive data available. Metarminator is a simple OS X application that can help you edit this data and add new info in no time.

Moreover, Metarminator can be used to quickly remove personal metadata such as the purchase, iTunes store, and user information. You also have the possibility to remove all information or only the tags.

Quick to setup metadata editor for iTunes tracks

To get started, simply unarchive the package and copy the Metarminator app to the Applications directory. The next step is to launch the utility and drag and drop the tracks you want to process on top of the app’s main window.

Via a simple drop down menu you get to choose the song you want to attend to, while the main area displays various fields that can be edited: you can add general details, lyrics, copyright specific info, import artwork, and more.

Versatile metadata editor with built-in fields filter

When working with Metarminator you have the opportunity to perform changes only to certain fields: open the Fields Filters drawer in the app’s main window and disable the ones that you want to keep unchanged. This way you can easily avoid making any mistakes.

Due to the intuitive and organized user interface, you should not have any problems finding your way around the application: type the appropriate info in each field and press the “Save” button from the bottom right corner of the main window.

User friendly solution for editing and adding metadata content to iTunes tracks

Metarminator offers you the possibility to quickly improve your iTunes music library by adding relevant metadata content, album art, and more. At the same time, the app can be successfully employed to remove the data altogether, or to delete personal details.

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