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Mail.Ru Agent 4.0.3

The Mail.Ru Agent OS X application makes it very easy to stay in touch with your friends, colleagues and family using a free and user-friendly software solution.

In order to use Mail.Ru Agent on your Mac, you only need a mail.ru account and your friend’s ID to add to your contact list. Once you have all your friends added, you can easily send them text messages and call them if they also have the Mail.Ru Agent app running on their computer.

Because it is a cross-platform app with clients running on Mac OS X, Windows, and in the browser (as a web app), you will not have to worry about compatibility problems; you will always be able to communicate with your buddies, regardless of the OS running on your PC.

Moreover, Mail.Ru Agent features a free video calling feature that makes it very easy to keep tabs on what your contacts are doing by talking with them at any time, no payment required.

If you do not want the other party to see you, you can also use Mail.Ru Agent’s built-in messenger and, this way, you can effortlessly communicate with anyone on the mail.ru network. As an added bonus, you may also send free SMSs to most mobile operators in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan.

Furthermore, the Mail.Ru Agent utility allows you to choose your preferred notification system, between the reliable Growl alert system and OS X’s default Notification Center.

In addition, to help you protect yourself against spammers, Mail.Ru Agent also comes with an integrated Antispam module which makes it possible to choose the action the app should take when people that are not in your contact list try to contact you.

All in all, Mail.Ru Agent is an intuitive yet quite powerful little app that makes it very quick and simple to stay in touch with your friends and family wherever you are.

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