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Line Rangers - 1.1.1

Finally, here is a fighting game with characters for line!
"Line Rangers," defence easy and comfortable fighting game with adorable newline character.

* Line Rangers
Sally, Cutie, line has been kidnapped by the alien army!
To save Sally line turns friends into Rangers!
Go with online friends!

* Cute, adorable characters.
All other pages of LINE friends that you've never seen before!
Many new characters were added as the original line's friends!
Sweet little slaughter of more than 150 species of adorable characters!

* Level-up system.
Send line drawing, to fight or to combine! Characters become stronger in the face of the Earth equal gemacht-Up Rangers.

* Play with your friends on line.
If a fight is difficult, ask your friends for help online.
You can add your friends characters fighting a difficult battle winning summon.

Please note:
? It may take longer to establish a connection with the game according to your Wi-Fi or network status.
?, We recommend that you use a Wi-Fi connection for improved gameplay.

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