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Hotel Detective - Room 103 - 5.140601

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When you find yourself in a hotel, it happens that a new adventure begins for you
often it's something nice, but sometimes it's the exact opposite- robberies, scams At times you even end your life there.
My name is Konrad- I am the hotel detective.
I mainly try to know everything that's happening,
to prevent guests from drunkenly murdering one another,
to stop them from stealing too much from the hotel
and to make sure there are no whores here.
Sometimes I also have to punch someone. In this episode you will solve the mystery of room 103 and you will try to save one little person.

- a 3D action-adventure game
- low hardware requirements
- an English/ Spanish/ German/ Polish version"

Writer: Jasa SEO Location: Newyork, United States

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