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Fun Drive - New

AppId is over the quota
AppId is over the quota
Bored from so many similar Racing Games --- lets have a Fun Drive !!

We believe, just covering maximum distance in minimal time while avoiding obstacles on some difficult track is not sufficient to precisely rank your driving skills. So lets define new dimensions to measure your true driving skills, the competition where you can unleash your driving potential at your best.

Now you have to proof yourself through more than hundred plus levels. You accept death challenges with your super hero car that can fly, hide itself and easily destroy other enemies cars. You can apply NOS when you have it or protect yourself with mighty shield.

Challenge is to live long by hitting enemies car from sides. If you hit them from back or do not hit at all your health will decrease. Above all You have to pass each level in time.

Six powers won’t be easy to handle all under new conditions. This is how you define yourself as UNMATCHED CHAMPION !!!

So, are you ready to test your true driving skills. Let your friends know regarding your unique inside driving skills.

Compete in g+ friends !!
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Share your gaming experience with your friends !!!

*** Enterance In a Ultimate Challenge
***Unique Car Features
***Ride Customization Option
***100+ Awesome Levels
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