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Franchise Hockey Manager 2014 Patch 1.6.19

If you have an older version of the game Franchise Hockey Manager 2014 you can upgrade your game to the latest version using this patch.

Using it you will make sure that your game runs bug free and you benefit from the latest features available.

Transactions, Contracts, and Rosters:"Open Offers" amount should now be reset properly once an offer is no longer open, rather than staying open in some circumstances, leading to a gradual and irreversible budget declineSimilar problem with offers getting double-credited to the Open Offers amount, resulting in a negative balance, also fixedAI should no longer occasionally release a large number of players at onceIf a prospect is not currently signable, popup with window will appear sating when he will be.Players moved to the reserve list via waivers should no longer be released.AI should be much less likely to attempt to waive/trade list players they just traded for.Waivers fixed in historic mode so players can be assigned to reserve list via them, and don't need to be re-cleared to be assigned a second time that season.No longer possible for human-run major junior teams to sign players under the league age limit.Salary demands for NHL personnel hires should no longer be unr...

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Free Game Franchise Hockey Manager 2014 said...

Your Post image is missing ....... Thanks for share this Hockey Game....

November 12, 2014 at 9:26 PM
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