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Farewell tank arms war - 1.0

Welcome you at the allies, Commander! As you know, WWII is not yet. But far too many innocent people have lost their lives. It must be so an elite Panzer army, to end this war. What's more important is we need you now King of battlefield. Join battlegrounds, where the emergency you most with your national army. We offer you what you need, and save for you. Pull yourself together, Commander! Take your tank forces. Wipe all the enemies on each battle field! What are you waiting for? Move it! Right now! Let peace our world to forever embrace!

-Simulieren classic battles during the second world war with lively combat scenarios.
-Incredible bombing effect brings you a stunning game experience.
-Thought-out levels cover several battles, including the battle of annihilation, defense and So on.
-Several classic tanks for selection, update to forge the most powerful armored troops.
Two modes of operation: Tap control and central control.

?????Game play?????
Select you your favorite tank. Upgrade to slaughter.
-Key control mode: Use the button on the left side of the tank to control and the button "Attack" on the right side, attacking enemies.
-Tippen on control mode: tap on the place of all target and enemy, to launch attacks. Tank moves and attack automatically. In addition, you can simply tap a new target, then the tank attack targets automatically changes.
-If bombing preparation is complete, click bomb call to air force reinforcements.

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