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DTCoreText 1.6.12

DTCoreText is an open source iOS framework which duplicates the Mac OS X methods which allow developers to create NSAttributedString from HTML code.

DTCoreText was preoviously reffered to as NSAttributedString+HTML (or NSAS+HTML in short) but this only covers about half of what this framework does.

Detailed instructions on how to use the DTCoreText iOS framework within your own projects are available HERE.

FIXED: Crash parsing background shorthand containing colorFIXED: Broken unit test for uncompressing background shorthandFIXED: DTAttributeLabel doesn't use delegate methods to render text from truncationString paramFIXED: Links parsed from HTML are not recognized in UITextView (using NS-style attributes)FIXED: Memory leak in -CGColor method on MacOSX target.FIXED: lineHeightMultiple not being transferred to NSParagraphStyleFIXED: Warnings related to disparities between properties and ivarsFIXED: Build issues because submodule did not include 32-bit sliceFIXED: Crash on iOS 5 due to unguarded selector callingFIXED: Warning about deprecated methods using deployment target >= iOS 7ADDED: Ability to specify default font face nameCHANGED: Updated DTFoundation to 1.7.0

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