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Dino Dinosaur Adventure -

Do you have what it takes to help Dino of the dinosaur, ranging from falling into sealed cage?

Then come inside and directly in the prehistoric world of adventures of Dino-Dinosaur Adventure.

Dino-Dinosaur Adventure will be your instincts, speed, wit and gaming skills to the test!

This addictive wild, funny free game will request your speed and precision by as fast as you, him in a cage locked prehistoric bones fall cute Dino to escape can help on that, but it's not over yet!

You must be careful, not his troublemaker typing cheeky dinosaur friends, as they do everything to try to confuse him!

Fortunately, you are not alone! They meet some Dinos best friends, which repeatedly tap him to his rescue to help you from any Terminal - quickly and together are some naughty dinosaur buttocks!

Are you ready for the stakes? Your instinct to limit by playing the game-ARCADE mode, press also the complete Dino-Dinosaur Adventure madness begins!

Now we will see how good you really are!

All dinosaur characters, maximum speed, Dino natural and more special guests and surprises will be announced! ENDLESS mode truly offers an eclectic mix of gaming experience.

Make no mistake - Dino-Dinosaur Adventure is an exciting, addictive game for all ages and genders.

Not to forget:
? Original graphics dinosaur
? Smooth game-engine
? vivid graphics
? Seamless controls
? Compatible with both mobile phones and tablets
? Intuitive menu functions!
And it's free!
You read this yet?

What are you waiting for? Dino needs your help! Install and enjoy!


(BTW: we forward your feedback!)

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