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Deity Quest 1.1.4

Taking the role of a mighty god has often been the subject of many role-playing or strategy games but, Deity Quest aims to take things a little further and gives you the chance to recruit an entire army of minions that will serve only you.

Aberos is your playground

Before starting to explore your newly assigned realm of Aberos, you will have to choose the alignment of your god. Being good, evil or neutral has its own different perks and primary creatures, so choose the one that will better fit your play style. Moreover, your alignment choice will also decide the starting position in the realm of Aberos.

Once all this is settled, your main goal is to gather as many powerful followers as possible, fight to become the Overgod and take your rightful place among the mightiest deities of the realm.

Convert over 100 unique followers

While exploring the realm and fighting monsters plays a big role in Deity Quest, you will also have to do your best and convert the most powerful of them to fight on your side. There are 128 unique followers to find in the realm of Aberos and each of them comes with unique abilities and strengths that might turn the balance of every battle towards your side.

As soon as you gather enough followers with a respectable level you can challenge another deity to a confrontation that will give you the possibility to gain control your own island.

Battles can range from easy ones, where you'll have to fight against one or two monsters, up to massive 6 vs. 6 encounters where having a wide diversity of skilled followers is imperative.

Become and Overgod

Deity Quest might not appeal to everyone due to its dated graphics but, the game development was not centered towards this direction and players who are still fond of those old school RPGs will surely enjoy it. 

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