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DayZ standalone card - iZurvive - 4.1.1

Now with DayZ standalone support!
iZurvive provides you with maps with DayZ and tactical markings, you can their prey (player positions, tents, places,...) place it and automatically shares these markers with the friends in your group - without the need for accounts, registration or other services!

Locate and coordinate your team in the huge open world of DayZ has never been easier!

-High-resolution offline map of Chernarus + (DayZ standalone) satellite / topographic maps
-High-resolution offline map of Chernarus, Taviana origin, Taviana, and Namalsk (DayZ MOD)
-Lootmaps for all cards
Card full zoom and ScrollBar
-Einfache coordination of your team
-Share with your group tactical markings
-Different marker types: player position, vehicle, tent, meeting point
Join groups
-No registration or account required

Keep in mind that you must be stored at least a high resolution map (Chernarus, Taviana,...), to download on the SD card.

For questions or if you believe that we really should have a specific feature in the next version, contact us: support@innovaptor.com
This app is for non-commercial use only.

ARMA 2 ™ is a trademark of Bohemia interactive
Created by Dean "Hall, DayZ rocket" © 2012-2013, http://dayzmod.com

The map of Chernarus is for games by Bohemia interactive (ARMA, ARMA II,...) and you got from publicly available sources.

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