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Cube Runner (no ads) - 1.0.1

This version of the game is ad-free and has no loading times!

"The best cube runner in the app store! 4.5/5 stars "-amaze me games"

Use triangular space ship through the treacherous Valley of threatening, colored cube! Butts, dodge and squeeze your way through an endless field of cubes, boost the speed and number! An intuitive easy-to-play, but hard-to-master game you can pick up and play anywhere!

This game is for all ages, start slowly but steadily ramping up in difficulties, to create a challenge for everyone. In addition makes it possible use the simplest controls, tend. Plus, are the cubes after the randomly generated every time offers endless different runs and make it impossible to know what to expect!

? ? Has about
? Continuous, random gameplay!
? Increasing difficulty!
? Simple graphics! (Easy on older phones).
? Surprisingly decent sound track!
? Bright colors!
? Save your best high score!
? Improvements with free updates coming!
? And the best, it's free! What do you have to lose? Try it out!

Tip: Stop will calibrate the game is newly launched.

Made by a 14 year old! Support the youth!
Found a bug? Do you have a suggestion? Write it in the comments! I read every single one.

Writer: Jasa SEO Location: Newyork, United States

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