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Block Warrior - 1.04

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In a simple white background world, all shapes live together in harmony. But, one day a square finds himself alone after a tragic fire has burned his village to a crisp. He believes the triangles may be responsible and wants REVENGE!

Get revenge in this simple 2D fighter game where you battle through various stages and missions. Who destroyed your kind? Will you discover the truth? Find out in Block Warrior.

-EPIC Story Mode
-Two Survival Modes
-AMAZING Graphics
-COOL Music

This is Block Animation Studios first game and android app. This game has not been tested for all platforms and isn't completely bug free. Any suggestions or test results are greatly appreciated.

Possible Updates:
Future updates may include, More Chapters, More Stages and Multiplayer Modes.

Writer: Jasa SEO Location: Newyork, United States

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