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Angry KidNinja injustice lead - 1

Here is the sweetest and most deadly Ninja
the guardian of Justice and Saviror innocent, he wants to protect people and to do that he has to train, and very hard, to be Ninja not easy and if you are small then on each case very hard, so here they are angry Ninja with only one goal on mind, protect people and the greatest super villain, hero ever made...!
cause that always larger then takes a lot of hard work Batman and Flash and Spiderman, and he is willing to do that.
Streets full of obstacles and challenges do have fun with this new infinite with blue ninja named Kidkash on the mountain
--tolle physics and running game how do subway surfers or temple
--coolsten obstacles and power-ups
-Trick with Ninja
-3D HD graphics with full optimization for your device
-Visualization for children, to love this game.
Game similar to Batman & Flash, spider hero, roof Ninja Temple lead surfers with first-class graphics and character ...mehr updates every week.
So download today this Kidkash Ninja amazingly loving fun for all children.

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