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Addictive Wild West Rail Roads - 1.0

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In the Wild West the rail roads were king. It was the fore front of technology and the rail road men were captains of industry striking out to the frontier. In Addictive Wild West Rail Roads you take charge of an old time steam train and have to keep the villages of the frontier alive and thriving with your supply deliveries. You start off with a beat up old engine but as you progress you can upgrade to bigger and better things.

Addictive Wild West Rail Road’s offers fun missions and earn money as you build your railway empire. Track your train as it makes its way across the plains too those desperate frontiers men. Carry cargo of all kinds and remember to keep topped up on coal. It’s a game suitable for all ages with a fun and intuitive layout. The beautiful high res 3d graphics allow you to become completely immersed in the perils of the Wild West as you make your way cross country on the numerous tracks you have to follow.

Addictive Wild West Rail Roads is a great game to while away your evenings as you make your way across country and seek to conquer the west and become the next great railway tycoon.

? Buy and upgrades
? Tons of fun mission’s
? Authentic Wild West feel
? Impressive and incredible 3D graphics
- Game play for everyone
?- Different tracks to explore and conquer

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