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Easy to Make Animated Valentine Cards

Easy to Make Animated Valentine Cards

Easy to Make Animated Valentine Cards - Digital animated greeting cards are fun to create and even more fun to recieve. Equipped with a simple photo editing program, you can actually make an animated card yourself. If you own Paint Shop Pro (or a similar program), follow these instructions to make simple graphic shapes that will move after you animate them.

Instructions :
1. Open Paint Shop Pro on your computer. Download Here

2. Click “File” and then select “New.” Create a new raster layer with dimensions of 500 pixels by 500 pixels. Make the color of the raster layer white.

3. Select the “Preset Shape” tool above the workspace and choose a heart shape from among the many different shapes available within the program. Position your cursor in the raster layer, left click and hold the mouse while you drag it over the layer to draw the shape.

4. Select “Layers” and “Duplicate” to make a second raster layer identical to the first layer.

5. Click “Image” and then “Flip” to flip the duplicate layer. You should now have two raster layers with the same heart shape, except that one is right-side up and the other is upside down.

6. Click the original raster layer in the Materials Palette again to make it active. Duplicate this layer again by selecting “Layers” and “Duplicate” again. You now have three layers.

7. Select the “Font Tool” above the workspace and select a font, a font size and a font color above the workspace. Click to make the third layer active in the Materials Palette and position your cursor above the hearts. Write a Valentine’s Day wish above the hearts (perhaps, "Happy Valentine’s Day!").

8. Save your three layers as a "PSP Animation Shop" image. This creates the three-layer image in a format that Animation Shop will recognize.

9. Open Animation Shop.

10. Click the “Animation Wizard” at the top of the workspace in Animation shop. Select “Same size as the first image” and then “Next.” Select “Transparent” and click “Next.” Click “Scale frames to fit” and then select “Next.” Select “Repeat the animation indefinitely” and then select the time you wish each frame to show (20 seconds is average). Click “Next.” Click “Add Image” and select the image you just created. Click “Open” and then click “Next.” Click “Finish” and then view the animation you just created. You should see it progress through the three layers you created as an animated card.

11. Click “Save As” and then give your card a name that will identify it as your valentine card. Click “Save.” You can now attach this file to an email message.

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