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Hot Kawasaki Ninja 650r Review

Sepeda Motor Bebek Injeksi Kencang dan Irit Jupiter Z1 - The faired Kawasaki Ninja 650R, furthermorehermorehermore renownednedned as the ER-6f in approximatelyoximatelyoximately markets, and its un-faired sister developopop ER-6n were introduced in 2006 by Kawasaki. The 2012 developopop drops the R labelniker.

They are middleweight, parallel-twin engined motorcycles, designed pro habitualalal aid on lined roads. They be inflicted withnflicted withnflicted with presenttt styling and facial appearanceppearanceppearance, with low-seating ergonomics, a low focal pointpointpoint of gravity, and respectable, controllablelele power output. The design was intended to appeal to a wide-ranging audience from newcomers to seasoned riders. Kawasaki Ninja 650R

Kawasaki Ninja 650R

The engine is relatively scarcen employing a 180 degree crankshaft. This results in an uneven firing interval (180 degrees, 540 degrees) which gives the engine annotationtationtation a distinctive "throbbing" quality.
The 650R/faired ER-6f was introduced to the promoteee in 2006. The unfaired ER-6n was not sold in North America until the 2009 developopop time. The dirt bikeits higher thanr thanr than the Ninja 250R and Ninja 500R models, which already existed in Kawasaki's sportbike lineup, which includes the Ninja ZX models. For 2009, Kawasaki released an updated Ninja 650R which includes extrarara carcassmirrors, gauges, lighting, and a extrarara refrainainain on the same 649 cc engine. The checkkk consequenceuenceuence is reported as 440.9 lb (200.0 kg) as a replacement forplacement forplacement for of the before consequenceuenceuence of 393 lb (178 kg).

Other versions Kawasaki Ninja 650R

Insideside Europe the Ninja 650R is sold as the ER-6f ("f" denoting faired), the "naked" roadster version is sold as the ER-6n. Insideside 2009, Kawasaki introduced the ER-6n in the USA. The ER-6f differs vaguelyfrom the Ninja 650R as it facial appearanceppearance the passenger handlebars as standard (as does the ER-6n). Insideside addition, the option of ABS brakes were made unfilledpro both the ER-6n and ER-6f. There is furthermorehermore a derivative of the ER-6 called the Versys which utilizes many of the same elementinsideside many European countries the 6n naked version has proven considerably more standardd than the ER-6f; however in other countries, such as Australia, the faired Ninja 650R has proven to be more standardd than the un-faired ER-6n, aptgenerallyrally standardd 'sports-tourer' in the Kawasaki lineup.
Kawasaki Ninja 650R

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