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Ramadan Deliver to Victory

Ramadan deliver to victory

Ramadan Deliver to Victory

Ramadan, the holy month, month of the Islamic community is always anticipated, the month of forgiveness double reward points, the month in which forgiveness is a night better than 1000 months.

Ramadan is the month multi-tool, the month of Ramadan is a means to achieve victory, the month of Ramadan is a means to improve the quality of the struggle, and the month of Ramadan is a means to achieve independence.

Ramadan deliver to victory

There is a lot if the role of multi-month of Ramadan as a means, a means to strengthen the brotherhood rope, means of Tarbiyah and as a means of others. What we have noticed is how we can take advantage of this holy month, Ramadan not to go, but we do not get anything. Merugilah we would.

How the holy month of Ramadan Muslims usher in victory and success, what secret is there to record the history of glorious works of the holy month of Ramadan occurs in?

Badr is one victory in the history of the holy month of Ramadan. Exactly the 17th of Ramadan meletuslah the terrible battle of Badr. Quraish infidels team showered the Muslim team with the arrows. The team attacked the Muslim response to the hard work while shouting words, "Sunday ... Sunday ... Sunday ...!" But to talk only about Muslims teams with 70 of 300 camels. While the strength of the Quraysh, 1000 revolved around three times more than the Muslims. This terrible war eventually won by the Muslims, defenders of the religion of Allah. War that occurred in the month of Ramadan has become a very important event in the history of Islam.

On 21 Ramadhan year 8 Hijri. Events happen Liberation Mecca historical evidence of independence in the month of Ramadan when Muslims the team leaded by the Prophet-sholallahu 'alaihi wasallam-. The idols of a long-sully the purity Kab'ah cleaned. Captured enemy as they normally do not become victims idolaters when winning the battle, but was released and pardoned. At that moment Bilal up and peal Adzan Kaaba. Words of the first general should be whispered quietly now the skies. Allahu Akbar ... Allahu Akbar ... Allahu Akbar ... Allahu Akbar ...!

Not only in time of the Prophet and shahabatnya, event victory of jihad-sholallahu And while the Prophet 'alaihi wa sallam, also quite common in the holy month of Ramadan. For example, during Ramadan 92 AH, while Chief Thariq bin Ziyad crossed the strait with Gibraltar 7000 team to liberate the city of Andalusia in Spain. In the hill Jabal Thariq, the commander cried! "We came here not to return. We only have two choices, conquer the land and settled here and propagate Islam, or we all perish. "In order to fight the Spanish team that strength 100,000. The holy month of Ramadan for the Muslims that Allah Ta'ala-help, more and more of a victory.

In Ramadan 584 Hijri year also happens Crusade in Europe. The Muslims, led by Al-Ayubi Shalahudin tear-porandakan successful European team led Crusaders King Richard III of England known violent. But, thanks to the prowess Shalahudin Al-Ayubi, the King who berjuluk The Lion Heart was finally subdued. And the Muslims succeeded in Europe.

As citizens of Indonesia, we must know that Ramadan is also a great victory for our beloved nation. In this holy month, Ramadan 17th, exactly 63 years ago, equivalent to 17 August 1945, our nation proclaim independence. Very accurate if the opening of the 1945 Constitution of this nation's founders declared that independence is, "By the grace of Almighty God ..."

History has recorded, in the holy month of Ramadan many successes and great victories achieved Muslims.

This proves that the month of Ramadan is not lazy and fatigue. The secret of success is due ikhlash intentions, a strong commitment and determination based on the belief that many ditorehkan success. So does the hadith, the Prophet expressed busy sholallahu 'alaihi wasallam, and people in the filling of Ramadan. how he tie a cloth sheath in the last ten as a sign of enthusiasm in worship and reduced sleep. So be like these examples we imitate in the days of Ramadhan we that we are undertaking. May Allah Ta'ala-ease, we lead worship in Ramadan with good and covered keberkhan. Aamiin

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