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Clownfish for Skype: Realtime Skype Translator

Clownfish for Skype: Realtime Skype translator
Clownfish for Skype
Clownfish is an online translator pro all your outgoing messages in Skype. Now you may possibly enter in your native language and the recipient will receive. The message translated to their language. There are uncommon translation services you may possibly point out from.

Clownfish for Skype
Build-in spell check support ( OpenOffice compatible).
Text-to-speech support pro all incoming messages.
Ability to hurl of predefined ASCII and emoticon drawings.
Big catalog of build-in salutation wishes.
A.I. Talking Robot can be your replacement in many suitcases.
With Voice Call Recording you can silently confirmation your conversations.
Voice Changer with various sound things like echo, chorus, pitch , and that.
Music Player - get on to your voice calls unique by before a live audience your favourite composition as a background.
Encrypt Messages - currently your secret data will be open.
Now all incoming messages can be translated to your native language.
Broadcast message to all your acquaintances with single click.
Show an avatar image on each message you receive.
Clownfish for Skype: Realtime Skype Translator

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