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WinFolder Lock Pro 1.4: A Folder Security Solution

WinFolder Lock Pro 1.4: A Folder Security Solution
WinFolder Lock Pro
WinFolder Lock Pro is a solution to care for all folders hostile to unauthorized access and imitation forever.

WinFolder Lock Pro
Users simply need to enter a password and remember it; this way, single persons who know the correct passkey will be able to access the directory.
Here are approximately answer facial appearance of "WinFolder Lock Pro":

· Full AES256 ACL Kernel Protection equipment, caring the folders forever in the kernel
· Portable and friendly interface
· Protected hostile to virus attacks, if the notebook is infected, the malicious attention not can imitation, hurl, or upset on the protected folder
· Coded with the most protection facial appearance, to dodge one miscalculation in the functions, the attention bring about is guaranteed, even as installed a further operating logic
· Folder data is protected with kernel forever, can't delete / adjust / imitation / exchange / rename with the protection
· Support spaces, and special font in the password
· Support all folders properties, counting read single and hidden
· Support External HDD's and Flash drives
· Protected hostile to the logic folders lock
· Support safe and sound in safe and sound folders
· Faster password decoding
· Instant lock / unlock
· Low logic assets treatment
· No outdoor programs / services running each wader pro care for the folder
· ICACLS and TAKEOWN can't grant the permissions to access the folder by Kernel Protection
WinFolder Lock Pro 1.4: A Folder Security Solution

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