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TSR Watermark Image: Batch Digital Watermarking Software

TSR Watermark Image: Batch Digital Watermarking Software
TSR Watermark Image
TSR Watermark Image Software is an easy-to-use helpfulness with the intention of can help you add watermarks to your images.

It can run in batch mode, easyli add logo or text as watermark to your pictures, images, photos or other digital images. Batch dispensation as creating watermark. Transparent or solid watermark.

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Here are approximately answer facial appearance of "TSR Watermark Image Software":

· Add text watermark with the intention of is either habitual, embossed, chiseled or watermarked with a border.
· Automatically rotate the watermarked picture based on the orientation EXIF tag - this is on paper to the image by many present cameras.
· Add the text used to watermark the image to the EXIF in rank in the ensuing gather in a line.
· Keep or decline EXIF in rank in jpeg records (Camera model/lense model/etc. And that.)
· Output the watermarked photo to JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF gather in a line format.
· Specify the quality of the watermarking output as saving as jpeg images
· Angle the text you aid pro your photo watermarking
· Insert background watermark in digital images, pictures, photos
· Resize images while watermarking the image/photo
· Watermark your photos using either a further image, photo or picture
· Watermark your photos using your own text in the color and stylishness you aspire to.
· Maintain directory organize in destination directory or bring together all batch watermarked images into lone directory
· Skip or overwrite existing watermarked images/photos in destination directory
· Automatically check pro extra version of the TSR Watermark Image Software
TSR Watermark Image: Batch Digital Watermarking Software

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