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PC Game: Rumble Fighter | Action

Rumble Fighter
Rumble Fighter is a free-of-charge, 3-D, online fighting game urban by WeMade Entertainment and Nimonix, and in print by OGPlanet. The game is a translated haven of an first game called Gem Fighter which originated from Korea. Until recently, Rumble Fighter was single commence to users residing in the United States and Canada, but is currently furthermore unfilled to users residing in Europe.

Rumble Fighter is a casual fighting MMOG in which players could battle with all other, or as teams. The game allows players to point out linking several fighting styles, which are renowned in-game as "Sacred Scrolls". With its "ExoCore" logic, players are able to undergo transformations all through a battle. Such transformations exchange both the player's advent and his or her fighting abilities.

Rumble Fighter
Additionally, players are agreed the option to be inflicted with a generous amounts of customization by purchasing clothing and items using lone of two currencies: "Astros" or "Carats." Although the game is emancipated to mess about, users are able to approve of Astros, OGPlanet's universal online currency, which could be used to hold in-game items normally unavailable by other earnings. Other items could be purchased with Carats, the currency exclusively used in Rumble Fighter, which are ordinarily obtained by winning battles. Players could furthermore approve of clothing or accessories pro their font from the piece supermarket, which, in the lead equipping, could affect their stats, such as HP and SP.

Rumble Fighter is a emancipated to mess about casual proceedings game all ears on fighting. Rumble Fighter allows a most of 8 players to battle it made known in simultaneous, multiplayer proceedings. Basic attacking attacks include hitting, throwing, and blocking, with well ahead attacks such as combo attacks and counterattacks. The newly introduced "ExoCore" skill logic will allow players to experience much more dynamic proceedings through the skill to transform and morph.
Version 1.05 could include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.
What's extra in this version: Version 2.4 is a maintenance relief.

Rumble Fighter facial appearance six character classes, all with its own stats. They are:
Striker (High strength, low-med defense)
Soul Fighter (High alacrity and bound, low-med strength and defense)
Elementalist (High SP, low strength and defense)
Alchemist (High armor, low speed)
Shaman (Balanced)
Android (Special)
A player at the start chooses lone character rank to start before a live audience as (with the exception of the Shaman rank, which to attain, should be bought with 200 astros, and the Android rank, which should be bought with 14400 carats with the player being by smallest amount level 20), but could hold bonus classes some time ago they be inflicted with sufficient carats or astros.[6]
Character clothes, accessories, exocores, and scrolls can be bought from the game's supermarket. Clothes and accessories can either simply exchange the advent of the character, or can power up the character's stats. Some are ordinarily point to a character rank. Players can furthermore approve of Gemstones with the intention of can power up a point stat and equip it to either a shirt, pants, or gloves. However, players should approve of a releasing scroll if they fancy to remove with the intention of gem from with the intention of cut of clothing. The build-up logic in the game allows players to wear the clothes with the intention of they fancy to wear, but be inflicted with the stat boosts of a further, in justification they aspire to look a particular way, but aspire the stats of a further cut of clothing.

Sacred scrolls allow the player to exchange their fighting stylishness in-game, allowing players a variety in fighting styles and combos. If a player does not equip a Sacred Scroll, they aid a default fighting stylishness. Some Sacred Scrolls be inflicted with a combo with the intention of can launch the opponent up into the air, allowing the player to take up again hitting them, executing a cope with with the intention of deals superfluous destruction to them. Juggles are almost impracticable to make made known of, the single way being if the opponent misses, or if the opponent completes their cope with and you ground on the ground. Currently, here is lone Sacred Scroll point to each character rank, with the exception of Shaman. All other scrolls are unfilled to all, with the exception of Karate, which is single unfilled to Alchemists and Strikers.

An Exocore is a stick logic allowing players to transform into an superfluous mode, apt stronger players. All exocores produce a player two special attacks with the intention of can either simply cause destruction to the opponent, cause an effect to the opponent (poisoning, freezing, shocking, burning, confusion, blinding), or for the interim boost the stats of the user. The player can aid them by critical either the assigned keys. Many exocores are point to a character rank, with a hardly any being unfilled pro all classes to aid. Every extra player starts rancid with a default exocore assigned to their point rank.
The "Guardian" rank is a special role a player can earn as by level 15. To make it, the player should beat the "Survival" mode three era. Once achieved, the character is granted the special skill "Nanmu", which allows the player to dash forwards and go a combo point to their scroll.
PC Game: Rumble Fighter | Action

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