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Advanced Uninstaller Pro: Now is Free

Advanced Uninstaller Pro: Now is Free
Advanced Uninstaller Pro: Now is Free
Now, get another paid program that turns into a free license (freeware), the Advanced uninstaller Pro. Uninstaller program is overflowing with features, it can be said with Revo Uninstaller Pro class. What are the features and capabilities, please follow the following more reviews.

As the name suggests, one of the main functions of this program is to uninstall programs or applications installed on the windows to clean. As we know that by default uninstall program / Windows typically have (many) file or a setting that remains in the system, so we need this kind of software uninstaller.

This program has many features that are generally divided into five categories:
General Tools, including:
  • Uninstall programs quickly and completely, including the hard disk and registry cleanup
  • Installation Monitor, to monitor the installation program will create a description file (log file) about the changes taking place both files, folders, registry and others, so the log file can later be used to perform a clean uninstall.
  • Startup Manager, to manage any application that runs with windows when startup.
  • Windows Service, to manage / control the windows application that runs in the background (hidden)
  • Quick Cleaner, to remove traces of history or saved from a web browser, including the history of hundreds of other applications.
  • Start Menu Cleaner, to clean up the start menu shortcut
  • Start Menu Items Manager, to show or hide the menu, sort, and other
  • Font Manager, to arrange or organize fonts installed on your computer
  • Manager Control Panel, to manage the list of items (functions) in the Control panel

File & Folder Tools, including:
  • Duplicate Files, to find and delete the same file (duplicate)
  • Live File Compression, compresses data using the default Windows features
  • File Shredder, delete data safely that would not be in recovery again
  • Windows Temporary Files, to search for temporary files (temporary) windows that can be removed

Internet Browser Tools, includes a variety of tools web browser / internet like: Browsing History, Cookies Manager, Add-ons and Temporary Files for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Registry Tools, some of the tools associated with the registry, namely: Registry Cleaner, Registry Optimizer and Registry Backup & Restore

Extra Tools & Reports, providing information such as the program is installed, the Installation Logs, Startup Programs, Windows Services, Fonts, create a shortcut for the default tools Advanced Uninstaller Pro (AUP) AUP and set to run at a specified time (scheduler).
Beyond the features above, a variety of settings (options) can be done through the General Settings button, including the display settings (themes) are indeed included many options. In general, software valued at $ 39 it is good and should be a collection of software on the computer, especially those that want to keep your computer clean or for those who often try a variety of software.

OS Support: Windows Xp/Vista/7 and Windows 8 beta,  32bit  and 64bit.
Advanced Uninstaller Pro: Now is Free

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