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Creative Studio: Edit, Effects Foto Pada Lumia & Unlocked WP7

Creative Studio: Edit, Effects Foto Pada Lumia & Unlocked WP7
Not only has Nokia acquired the permission to customise Windows Cellphone 7 to be used in the Lumia series, additionally they maintain a constant stream of exclusive Mango apps coming for their users. The most recent addition to the Nokia section of the WP7 Market is Creative Studio. It's a digital camera alternative app which can let you snap footage and apply a bunch of gorgeous effects to them. Other than that, the app can be utilized to make basic changes to your photographs, and only for enjoyable, there is a entire section for giving funny faces to the photos you are taking using Artistic Studio. The most effective characteristic of the app is its ability to allow you to take panorama images with full ease, and the results are just stunning.

Creative Studio: Edit, Effects Foto Pada Lumia & Unlocked WP7 
The homepage of Inventive Studio lists three options for loading images for editing. You can take a photograph straight from the camera, load it from Digicam Roll or enter panorama mode to begin shooting panoramic images. The panorama mode lets customers take 4 images, after which stitches them automatically. The panorama cam in Creative Studio is so easy to use that you simply just must hold shifting your phone’s camera, and the app will mechanically detect the place and shoot the next photo. Like extraordinary photographs, panorama pictures can also be edited, and you may even apply filters to them.

The editing options offered by Artistic Studio are fairly thorough. It is doable to make changes to image dimension, orientation, brightness, hue, saturation, colors & sharpness. If you assume you might have shot the photo completely and don’t need to edit it, Inventive Studio has one thing more to offer. Simply faucet the edit button within the backside bar and take a look at the awesome picture effects which the app has got. There aren’t numerous filters, but enough to provide a very revamped look to the image you captured. Creative Studio even has an choice to let you examine the results of an impact earlier than applying it, which splits the display screen in two, showing both the edited and untouched versions. For people who find themselves simply on the lookout for some fun, there's the Face Warps section, which (for laughs) will let you distort the faces of individuals you like (or hate).

Creative Studio is a free app obtainable for Lumia phones solely, but when you've got a developer unlocked non-Nokia WP7, you possibly can seize the XAP file for Creative Studio at the hyperlink given below and take a look at operating it on your phone.
Creative Studio: Edit, Effects Foto Pada Lumia & Unlocked WP7

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