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Create Bootable USB Drives Using YUMI Free

Create Bootable USB Drives Using YUMI Free
Software size is shrinking, so we take our favorite programs and operating systems with us is a viable alternative. If you have a USB YUMI download you may be interested. This utility allows you to create a bootable flash drive storage a complete suite of software that includes all kinds of operating systems and applications.
Simple configuration, effective immediately

When installing YUMI you configure your pendrive. Select the drive letter that identifies the storage volume, add the distributions and programs you need, reboot your computer making it boot from the USB and finally selected from the boot menu YUMI do you want to use.

The software MultiBootISOs successor.

Features YUMI Free:

* Unlike its predecessor, uses syslinux to boot distributions stored on your USB, so use GRUB to boot ISO files directly, if necessary.
* Porta easily multiple operating systems on a pendrive.
* Store all files in one folder and follow multi-boot using your USB storage purposes.
* Uninstall device layouts.

Bring all your favorite operating system and your applications with you always fetish is life insurance. You never know when you need the ... YUMI Download free and takes all your software is always with you.
Create Bootable USB Drives Using YUMI Free

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