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The simple way to Change the MP3 file for Ringtone

As we know the most common audio formats on the Internet are MP3s. Every Phone companies have different Ringtone files and file extensions among them. Some of them may be support MP3s, AIFFs or WAV files only. For all these common audio files can easily be converted using iTunes. However, iPhones require M4R file extensions, wich cannot be converted in iTunes directly. It is need procedure to convert MP3s in iPhone.

Follow these steps :
Converting to Common Ringtone FIles
1. Download iTunes and agree to the terms of use. Install and open iTunes.
Click "File" and "Add to Library ..." at the top of your iTunes toolbar.Locate your MP3 file and open it in iTunes.
3. Click "iTunes" and "Preferences." Click on the "Import Settings" icon in the lower right.
Select one of the options (AIFF, MP3, WAV Encoder, etc.), depending on your phone's ringtone file needs. Click "OK" twice and exit back to the iTunes library.
4. Right-click your MP3 and select the "Create XXX Version." For example, if in the previous step, you selected WAV Encoder, you will see "Create WAV Version." Your new file will appear directly below your old MP3.

Converting MP3 to iPhone Ringtone
1. Follow Steps 1-3 in the previous section. In your "Import Settings" window, select "AAC Encoder." This will format your file to be compatible with iTunes and your iPhone.

2. Right-click your MP3 and select "Create AAC Version." Your new file will appear below your old one, now with the file extension M4A.

3. Locate your new AAC (M4A) outside of iTunes, using "Finder" if on a Mac, or in "My Computer" if on a PC.

4. Delete the M4A file extension. Replace it with M4R. Save.

5. Import your new M4R into iTunes. Plug in your iPhone. Your phone should automatically sync your new ringtone.

The simple way to Change the MP3 file for Ringtone

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