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PC Game: FIFA 12 Free

PC Game: FIFA 12 Free
EA's FIFA series has been with us for some time, year after year provides one of the most impressive football simulation out there, along with traditional rivals, the PES franchise from Konami.

Now, after the Japanese company deployed the first of two demo for PES 2012 last month, EA has now released the official demo for FIFA 12 on platforms such as PC, digital distribution through various outlets, and on the Xbox 360, Xbox Live through the Marketplace. Meanwhile, the PlayStation 3 version is set to come tomorrow, for North American users, and on September 15, to which Europe, via the PlayStation Store console.

FIFA 12 demo includes six teams to try: Arsenal, Barcelona, ​​Borussia Dortmund, Manchester City, Marseilles and Milan, while only one in the packed stadium, Manchester City Etihad Stadium, with Day and Dry versions are available.

Each match lasted six minutes in total, with two or three sections minutes. Demo includes a variety of tutorials that show some of the all-new features included in FIFA 12, including a new control system, which is now much more realistic through the Engine Impact special player, a smart defensive AI, or Precision updated dribbling system that lets gamers control improved over the player their virtual and balls.

A new Pro Players Intelligence system will also be highlighted by the demo, allowing for a more natural behavior for other players on the field, not just one that is active is controlled by the user.

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