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AvantFAX: Web Application for Managing Faxes

AvantFAX: Web Application for Managing Faxes
AvantFAX is a web application to manage a faxes and use popular software HylaFax enterprise class fax server.

AvantFAX allows users on a platform to view and sending faxes with no need to install special software. AvantFAX also allows administrators to manage users, their permissions, fax lines, fax categories, etc.

AvantFAX is accessible from the home network and remotely via the Internet using standard networks equipment. Features - Users can view faxes online with a standard web browser (IE6 / 7, Mozilla / Firefox, Safari, and Opera) - Download in PDF format fax - fax number identified can have their faxes forwarded directly to the email address in PDF format - users can forward faxes via email without needing an email client - includes support for Enhanced for HylaFax pages - unlimited users - unlimited fax lines - the number of fax lines managed by AvantFAX not limited to - support multiple languages ​​- each user can use the interface in their native language Advantages - Easy to monitor and a log of what your users are faxing and to where - faxes are stored in PDF format, not a proprietary file format - users on any platform using the same identical interface - archived faxes on the server, rather than in file cabinets - Eliminate fax machines in a single facility - Sending faxes directly from your computer with email confirmation - reducing paper and toner use in both the fax machine and office printer - an online address book helps reduce human input mistake

AvantFAX: Web Application for Managing Faxes

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