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Free e-Book: Software Development and Professional Practice

Free e-Book: Software Development and Professional Practice
What processes and methods out there to design  software? Is to design  a small program that is different from designing a large? How can you know good design from bad? You will learn the principles of good software design, and how to change back to the principles of the code.

The software Development and Professional Practice constructional code also about how to write large programs and make them work. What, you say? You've written eight trillion program! Of course I know how to write code! Well, in this book you will re-examine what you've done, and you will be investigating ways to improve. Using the Java language, you will look deeply into the standard coding, debugging, unit testing, modularity, and other characteristics of a good program. You will also talk about reading the code. How do you read the code? What makes the program easy to read? Can be good, replace the code readable documentation? Documentation How much do you really need?

This book is introduces you for software engineering application of engineering principles to software development. What are engineering principles? First, all the engineering effort to follow the process defined. So, you'll spend less time talking about how you run a software development project and the different phases of a project. Second, all engineering work has its basis in the application of science and mathematics to real world problems. And so is the software development! Therefore you will take the time to examine how to design and implement programs that solve specific problems.

At last, this book is also about human-computer interaction and issues of user interface design. A bad user interface can damage the desire to actually use a program, in this book, you will know why and how to avoid mistakes.

The software Development and Professional Practice covers many topics outlined for the ACM Computing Curriculum 2001 C292c Software Development and Professional Practice course. It is designed to be a textbook and manual for working professionals.

What you’ll learn

How to design and code great software
What methods and processes are available to help you design great software
How to apply software engineering principles to your daily coding practice
How to tell a good design from a bad one?
Understand the characteristics of good programs
How to construct professional standard code that you can be proud to show
Understand all about coding standards, and apply them to real Java coding
Explore debugging, unit testing and modularity
All about object-oriented programming (OOP) design principles and great coding
How to apply the principles you’ve learned to specific and real-world coding problems
A companion to the ACM Computing Curricular 2001 source C202c

Who this book is for
Software Development and Professional Practice is designed to be both a textbook and a manual for the working professional programmer, and any student of programming who wants to learn the art of the trade. This book assumes you know some Java, enough to read its examples at least, and that you’ve already done some programming. Now you want to write great code!

This book covers many of the topics described for the ACM Computing Curricula 2001 course C292c Software Development and Professional Practice, and will be a great companion to anyone studying this course.

Free e-Book: Software Development and Professional Practice

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