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Cara Aktifkan Facebook Video Calling di Facebook

Cara Aktifkan Facebook Video Calling di Facebook
Now Facebook Enable video calls feature in your facebook profile only. In this tutorial we may say, how to activate the video call feature and many more. You just need to setup a video call to be installed on your web browser and you can talk to friends and friends of your group as well.

Follow the steps bellow:
1. Download the software , Facebook video calling software or By visiting Official facebook page
2. Install the software and its one time setup
3. web browser that support facebook video calling are :
- Mozilla Firefox
- Google Chrome
- Internet ExplorerSafari
4. Install the latest web browser and install the video chat software and follow up the instructions.
5. After installing , video chat features is enabled in your facebook profile then you can see an call options like the image given on the top.

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