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WinFF 1.3.2: Konverter Cepat untuk Berbagai Format Video

WinFF 1.3.2: Konverter Cepat untuk Berbagai Format VideoWinFF 1.3.2 is a program to convert your video files. This application is based on the package to run FFmpeg command line - a project which is a popular multimedia platforms that facilitate the recording, playback and convert media. WinFF 1.3.2 is basically a graphical interface to this environment, acting in the solution really worth to quickly convert video file formats. There are enough fast action and high-quality output files generated.

This tool also comes with a very simple operation - just load the file, select the target format and press the button to start conversion - whether the rest of the FFmpeg engine operation. WinFF program also allows for quick preview of the downloaded data using a simple player.

This application has support for multithreaded operation on multi-core processors, can process an unlimited number of files in one roll, you can quickly set more advanced settings (bitrate, frame size, frequency, volume and voice sampling, image cropping method) . For experienced users can switch wyspecyfikowania one of the available FFmpeg.

WinFF 1.3.2 in its database contains a large number of standard formats, designed for different devices (DVD, media player, mobile phone). You can add the database also has its own position.

This program is completely free to use anything - either using a non-commercial and commercial. This project has open source code, extensive documentation is distributed in several languages ​​and versions of operating systems that are essential for the average user? (Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7; GNU / Linux).

WinFF 1.3.2 is fast convert video formats. It supports various formats such as GP, 3GP2 FLV, AMR, MP3, DVD (PAL or NTSC), MOV, WAV, WMV, XviD, etc.

It provides similar functions in other conversion programs. You can preview the video, select the format conversion, modifying the ratio, resolution and audio quality or other.


WinFF 1.3.2: Konverter Cepat untuk Berbagai Format Video

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