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Vba32 Rescue: Memulihkan OS Setelah serangan Malware

Vba32 Rescue: Memulihkan OS Setelah serangan MalwareVba32 Rescue allows user to recover OS operation after malware threat. It is able to cure malwares on user’s computer with maximum effect. In addition, the product allows you to copy important files in critical situation.

This product can neutralize the harmful (and suspicious) software on the user's computer with the greatest effect. Treatment scanning and conducted independently of the operating system installed on your computer. Because of this, the malware will not be able to counteract the process of neutralization.

Attention! These products do not protect the system from the appearance of similar situations in the future. To prevent computer infections should use a variety of solutions offered by companies VirusBlokAda.

Vba32 Rescue CD is ISO-boot image that can be burned to CD or USB-drive. At the heart of image-based operating system Linux kernel lie, loaders grub2, Vba32.CS.L scanner console on Linux and other modules to work with the file system, network environments, graphical user interface, etc.

Rescue CD Vba32 04/06/2011:
- Scanner Vba32.L console in Linux;
- Bash Shell;
- File MidnightCommander Manager;
- User interface (dialogue);
- MHDD tool and memtest.
- An interface is bilingual in Russian and English.

Ability Vba32 Rescue CD 06.04.2011:
- High speed image loading;
- Support for NTFS file system, FAT;
- Support automatic installation, including and removable media;
- The possibility to scan individual settings;
- Arrangements for media release;
- Automatic network connection;
- The opportunity to update your antivirus and anti-virus scanner base;
- Maintain updated picture on USB storage;
- The possibility to establish a rechargeable USB media.

Quick to boot
The ability to scan with individual settings
Automatically configure the network environment
The ability to upgrade without having to download the full image
Ability to save images updated on a USB drive
The ability to make a USB boot disk in Windows, Linux
Contains utilities and memtest MHDD


Vba32 Rescue: Memulihkan OS Setelah serangan Malware

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