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System Spec 2.94: See, Save and Print a Complete Spec of Your PC

System Spec 2.94: See, Save and Print a Complete Spec of Your PC
System Specification 2.94 - a program through which we learn about the components in your computer, and the CPU and other components. This program requires no installation. Spec system is small, portable find your computer, displays a detailed report about the hardware and software found. This information can be stored and printed without installing anything, because this application is just an executable file. Thus, it can be used in flash memory or other removable disk.

Your computer is analyzed in-depth, get information about the Windows version, processor technical specifications, drivers, applications, devices, memory, network drives and read more. But not only to know the "shallow". On the processor, for example, in addition to marking the manufacturer, chip type and family information such as clock speed, voltage, socket, details of the cache and the load current indicator is shown.

The names of the computer and the user's IP address and MAC, Windows version and service pack, serial number, version of Internet Explorer, type of sound card, and battery power (for laptops), COM port, the ability of the mouse, USB, motherboard, these are just some of the items listed.

Level of detail provided by the System sub-sections of Spec. Memory, graphics hardware, BIOS, services, processes, internet, voice, network and device are all detailed.

Some features of Windows and running and can be encouraged through Spec System, in the "System". Menu "Control Panel" displayed on the control panel item.

Silent mode

"Silent Mode" allows the use of System Spec without interface. The program is run from a BAT file or login script to store information in a text file automatically. An important observation: System Spec information only home pages are stored.

Notification to users McAfee Virus Scanner

McAfee Virus Scanner Specifications 2.94 The system can identify as a backdoor Trojan. Ignore this warning to use the program normally.

Details, details

The main page shows general information as System Spec 2.94 version of Windows, RAM, processor speed, audio and video card, screen resolution, type of network connection, the CD specification, COM and LPT ports, mouse, hard drive, USB drivers, BIOS and motherboard . This is a picture of the machine. For a more detailed analysis, the grant represented by buttons for easy access on System Spec.


The user information including name, product identification, root directory, local time, serial number, Windows key and the date of installation.


Details about the memory, is divided into physical memory, paging file and virtual memory.


Information about the video adapters, including models of chipsets, DAC, memory, BIOS, technology used, resolution, pixel size, frequency and number of monitors.


Disk drives and information such as type, serial number, total capacity and free, bytes per sector, sectors per cluster, and the number of clusters. And includes information about the reader a description, version, name, status, PNP device ID and capability.


This section deserves attention because it is the most detailed of all. He reported manufacturers, chip, family, serial number, identification, clock speed, voltage, current socket setting, size and speed L2 cache, speed and duty cycle.

This part of the program also has a list of various capacities, marking which of them is your processor. List that includes extensions such as 3D Now! AND MIX, and FXSAVEFXRSTOR SIMD instructions, serial number, model-specific registers, among others.

SMART Information Type

A great resource for fans of SMART information, provided by the new drive and give details of their country. For example, hard disk temperature, which must be controlled to avoid causing damage to the computer.

In addition to serving enthusiasts who want to know all the computers have the details, System Spec 2.94 can be used for comparison of different machines. This can be done easily with the import specification for text files, spreadsheets or even print it.

Reports can also be saved in HTML format, which can be posted on the website. With the forum, just use the resource area and paste your post transfer.

As the information from System Spec 2.94 can be stored in separate files, they can also be used in cases of collateral, for example.


System Spec version obtained with several improvements and new resources, information about installed printers (including virtual printers). Tasks window and process information is also increasing.

Other resources is improved information on the drive to read CDs and DVDs, which allows you to identify the drive and their ability to read and write. In addition to the technical ability of readers, The system also scans the disk placed Spec.
System Spec 2.94: See, Save and Print a Complete Spec of Your PC

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