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StressMyPC: Tests PC Performance Dalam Kondisi Extreme

StressMyPC: Tests PC Performance  Dalam Kondisi Extreme
Game enthusiasts and IT professionals are known to spend large sums of money on computer hardware. But sometimes the system from the most famous brands contain the damaged parts that do not provide optimal performance. If you've spent a good amount of money on your new system or just want to test the ability of stress from your PC, then you should try StressMyPC. This is a portable application designed to test the hard disk, graphics card and the CPU is in a state of stress to help you determine if your system components will do well in conditions of stress, such as during gameplay or when applications monopolize resources that are being used. This application is derived from the same developers who brought us IsMyLcdOK and file explorer pane quad Q-Dir.

Simply select a stress test (Stress Paint for graphics GPU, CPU tests Stress and Hard disk test) and click StressMyPC. You can choose one or all three categories to perform the test (s). Once the test starts, all the performance indicators that will appear at the bottom with information about your computer's performance.

"Stress My PC" is stress testing software, to do a pc testing e.g. computer stress test.

Let's see! How long can your laptop battery hold a charge?
Or let your PC sweat like a .... ;)

Unstable and overclocked systems can be crashed.

# StressMyPC : Start / Stop the stress-test
# Paint-Stress : Simple stress for the graphics (GPU)
# Aggressiv CPU-Stress : Aggressiv stress for the CPU(s)
# HD-Stress : Stress for the hard drive

"StressMyPC" does not have to be installed and can be executed easily from the desktop. It's one small, portable utility for Windows PC-s and is also a small usb-stick friend :)

StressMyPC works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.
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StressMyPC: Tests PC Performance Dalam Kondisi Extreme

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