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PC Game: MicroVolts| Action

PC Game: MicroVolts| Action
MicroVolts is a free2play online multiplayer third-person shooter with dynamic cartoon style graphics. It includes deep customization options, tight controls, excellent gameplay mechanics, engaging social features, and impressive visuals. MicroVolts characters come with a wide range of customization options. There are two female characters, one male human character and one male robot character, all of which can be further customized by their hair, face, top, bottom, hands and shoes, as well as with various accessories. Every player has the ability to create a character that represents their unique personality and style. Players have full access to 7 different types of weapons not being tied down to a specific class and the ability to switch between each one during a match. Learn which weapons are best for each situation and you'll dominate the battlegrounds. Play 7 different game modes. Some modes will require a Microvolter to fend for themselves and others require each MicroVolter to work together strategically to win. There are currently 10 different maps in the game, each with a unique theme, layout, and size. Battle it out in the bedroom, kitchen, gardens or even entire neighbourhoods! Some maps are fairly small, encouraging fast paced action, while others provide a huge battlefield and strategic gameplay. With MicroVolts, you're joining an excellent gaming community too. The MicroVolts team regularly hosts tournaments, organizes forum events and interacts with its player through social media channels.
PC Game: MicroVolts| Action

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