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Opera for Linux: Now Ready for Download

Opera for Linux: Now Ready for Download
Opera Web browser displays a sleek design coupled with new technology we Turbo Opera, which makes Web pages load quickly, even if your connection is slow.

Safe and secure

Reduce your exposure to threats on the Web. Your safety is guaranteed by industry-leading security protection, Fraud and Malware and address fields that clearly shows your level of security.

Keep your browsing private

Using a tab or a personal window to make sure that the evidence of your browsing history is deleted as soon as the tab or window is closed. Now, it is safer to do your banking from a public computer or easier to plan a surprise vacation.

Powerful features

Using the powerful features that make common browsing tasks more quickly and more easily. Opera has more features built-in than other browsers. You can also add new functions with the extension.

Adjust your browser

You can add, remove or reposition buttons and toolbars or change the layout of the entire browser. This is easily done ... or cancel.

Direct Access bookmarks

Bookmarks bar comfortable making the site visit and bookmark folder is usually in front of you at all times, allowing quick access. You can enable this by selecting the menu toolbar Opera -> Toolbars -> Bookmarks Bar.
Opera for Linux: Now Ready for Download

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