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MP3 Cutter: Potong dan Edit MP3 Anda

MP3 Cutter: Potong dan Edit MP3 Anda
This free mp3 cutter and editor is an extremely simple and handy tool for routine mp3 editing tasks. The program displays a waveform graph that lets you easily select a portion of the mp3 for editing. You can cut out unwanted part of the audio, change volume by specifying a percentage value, create a fade in or fade out, and convert the audio between stereo and mono.

This program is very easy to use. File processing takes place in the main window - just select the desired part of the music and select from the options available, look in the bottom panel. The sound can be edited at any time, listen to, with built-in player. To facilitate the display also includes information related to selecting the current, duration of employment and the current position. Tailored to your needs, you can finally save files in MP3 or WAV.

MP3 Cutter free and Editor 2.5 is available for free (freeware license). This means that you can use it for free for both amateur musical treatment, as well as during the commercial edition. This application is being developed fairly regular basis. The interface is available in English, but with the support they need to address computer users even absolute beginners. The program is compatible with the latest version of Microsoft Windows operating system (from version 2000).

MP3 Cutter free and Editor 2.5 is a great application that allows you, with a few clicks, do basic editing your audio files to MP3.

This program has the essential features that any user, experienced or not, you need to: modify / add volume, convert to Mono / Stereo, apply effects Fade In / Out and select / cut parts of audio tracks.

MP3 Cutter free and Editor 2.5 is very easy to use, just need to add MP3 files to automatically display the main window of the audio spectrum and can utilize the various tools available.

Can be selected easily using the mouse, the audio section and prescribe the start / end to cut and save a new file. Audio effects applied to fully or only part of it depends on each user how to use it.

In conclusion, free MP3 Cutter and Editor 2.5 is the ideal tool to make the soundtrack a small (perhaps to add in the presentation), create ringtones for cell phones and more.
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MP3 Cutter: Potong dan Edit MP3 Anda

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