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Monitor Kegiatan Facebook Anak dengan Social Monitor

Monitor Kegiatan  Facebook Anak  dengan Social MonitorKnow what your children are doing on Facebook

Aware of what your child does on Facebook with no directly spying on him.
Social Monitor provides a comprehensive data on recent social activity is related to your child.
With Social Monitor you can find contacts for your child, and then determine if their relationship is not dangerous or safe.

Social Monitor will help you to understand your child's interests and hobbies are better. This will help you to build relationships of trust and overcome barriers in communication.

Social Monitor main features:
- Ensure that no personal information is published.
- Check the news of your child, feed and status.
- Monitor your children's interests, activities, events and checkin.
- Check your child's photo, video, music, books and TV programs.
- Download and check the contents of all links submitted and liked the page.
- Download and check all your friend's profile child.

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