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Math-o-mir 1.61 Beta: Mudahnya Membuat Rumus Matematika

Math-o-mir 1.61 Beta: Mudahnya Membuat Rumus Matematika
Math-o-miR 1.61 Beta is a mathematical formula editor. Even though symbols and numbers can be written with the keyboard, Math-o-miR 1.61 Beta can be operated almost entirely with the mouse. Sidebar Math-o-miR 1.61 Beta contains a few buttons that bring together the family symbol. Pressing the corner of the gray every other option is appears.

Move the element formulas with Math-o-miR 1.61 Beta is very simple. Each object is highlighted in blue to go with the pointer. One click and you reap. Another click and stored wherever you want.

One familiar with the programs of the genre might wonder a bit when using the Math-o-miR 1.61 Beta. It's simple, well organized and easy to use. With just a few clicks you can create a mathematical formula under the symbol "weird" in any file, can be text, spreadsheets, pictures, etc..

Simplest of these programs exist only on your own installation. Model "Next, next, finished" in a a few short seconds the application is installed and you can enjoy the Math-o tool-miR Beta 1.61 offers.

Copy the formulas in Math-o-mir 1.61 Beta to another place is also very easy. The first thing to do is select what you want to "migrate". Then open the "Edit" menu and choose "Copy Image Equation." This will create an image of the formula to get put anywhere.

To finish the job and paste the formula, simply open the desired file and uses the famous shortcut "Ctrl + V". Now is the time to build and create all the formulas you get. You do not have more excuses to deliver your work with hand-made formulas do not you think?
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 Math-o-mir 1.61 Beta: Mudahnya Membuat Rumus Matematika

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