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MagicBurner: Software Burning Gratis

MagicBurner: Software Burning Gratis
A Brand new easy to use burning program from the author of DVDInfoPro. For XPSP3, Vista, Windows7 or later. Designed for stability in burning.

Do you find CD/DVD/Bluray burning programs too hard to use, expensive, unstable, coaster makers, complex? MagicBurner is for you.

It supports CD/DVD and Bluray, supports burning ISO images, multisession, Audio CD from a mix of WAV & MP3 files, Gapless Audio, Erases re-writeables, ISO9660, Joliet and UDF 1.02 - 2.60, supports many auto mode selections, Supports drag and drop, and much more.

MagicBurner is a free burning application for XP, Vista and as well as Windows 7. This software allows you burn files and folders, Blue-ray movies, photos, MP3 files and image files to discs with ease.

It also lets you create gapless music CDs, make image of files and folders, make image file from a disc, and erase re-writable discs.

MagicBurner is a completely free burning solution and supports both x86 and x64 versions of Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. And, if you are a Nero fan, we recommend the discontinued Nero 9 Burnite Free (download from Softpedia) or Nero Kwick Media Free software.
Nero Multimedia Suite 10
MagicBurner: Software Burning Gratis

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