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Lazar Freezer :Kunci Aplikasi Untuk Membatasi Pemakaian CPU

Lazar Freezer :Kunci Aplikasi Untuk Membatasi Pemakaian CPUWhat would be the best way to minimize the CPU usage to provide specific program CPU power management? We usually save the changes and close some applications to allocate time to the maximum CPU usage of the most important applications or processes. Lazar Freezer offers a better solution here. This is a small open source tools with the ability to reduce the CPU usage of applications, so you can smoothly operate other applications waiting in the queue to get the maximum CPU time. As the name help, actually nothing but freezing down all the specific user running the application by noting their CPU usage to a minimum and in some cases, down to less than 1% CPU usage. This significantly increases the overall processing time for other important applications.

Lazar Freezer can be useful in many situations. You can for example media player freezes, word processing, audio workstation, etc., for a few minutes to allow, say, the media encoder to perform the conversion operation smoothly. When the conversion process is complete, you can return the frozen application back to its original state.

He sits in the system tray, letting you open the main window at any time to freeze and defreeze applications. It also supports hotkey combination to quickly lock and unfreeze the locked application. All that is required is to use Ctrl + Win + S to lock the active application. After the application is locked, it will appear on the main interface.

Alternatively, you can keep applications hidden until they are unlocked and choose to freeze their child processes as well to enforce minimum CPU usage. When you want to unlock frozen applications, either use the hotkey combination – Ctrl+Win+L or select the application and click Defrost from main interface. It must be noted that applications depending upon core system processes shouldn’t be locked, as doing so may damage your system. Be very careful!


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