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Hugin: Membuat Gambar Panorama

Hugin: Membuat Gambar Panorama
Image stitching is a method to merge several images with overlapping fields to produce a segmented panorama image. Image stitching software help combine images together to create a unified image. Hugin is an open source application stitch picture that helps collect mosaic of photographs into a complete panoramic image. With cross-platform applications, you can stitch images that overlap with a bunch of other images to create an image. This may help in combining images that may be too large to be scanned as a single image and to tie together related images from your photo memories. Hugin has versions available for Windows and Mac.

To begin stitching images, containing images you want from the Assistant tab and select the type of camera lens Lens type drop down menu.

After the image is added, you can filter them using masking available planting, repair and resize selections from Photos, Crop, Mask, Exposure and the Optimizer tab. You can also use the Camera and Lens tab to optionally include a lens or Exif information for the selected picture.

You can specify separate images similar points of the tab Control Points for stitching them together. To do this, select the same area and click the Add button.

Finally, head into Sticher tab and select the desired parameter stitches. These include selected areas of the image, the format in which you want to save the panorama, exposure correction, layer blending options and combinations of image stacks. Panorama can be stored either in TIFF, JPEG or PNG format. Once you have chosen the parameters stiching, click Stitch Now.

This will bind the selected images together to create an integrated panorama image on the selected output line.

Hugin can therefore easily be used to tie together related images to create a fine looking image stitching, which can be further refined before it is connected to another image.

Hugin works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS X.
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Hugin: Membuat Gambar Panorama

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