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FuturixImager 6.0.1: Tampilkan Gambar Dengan Tool Menarik

FuturixImager 6.0.1: Tampilkan Gambar Dengan Tool Menarik ini
FuturixImager 6.0.1 graphical browser other programs in our database. Browser FuturixImager view photos but also have options such as the creation of screenshots, preparation for printing, scanning, preparing mail. FuturixImager 6.0.1 (formerly Futurists Imager) is a complete image viewer that includes some editing tools that allow you to give your photos the look you like.

They support almost all formats of images (more than 55 different), FuturixImager 6.0.1 is known for amazing ease of use and flexibility when displaying files.

Editing options that combine special, but effective. You can retouch the image just to get a clearer picture, basic editing options such as brightness, contrast or color, or you can add effects to give a new face on every shot.

FuturixImager 6.0.1 also includes other interesting features preview before printing, the ability to import files from peripherals and removable disks, or modify the file size according to our needs. All in very small steps, and completely free.


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